Innovation is always in competition with business as usual.



Effekt is a mindset and a purpose. The Company invents disruptive material solutions that tread lightly on the Earth. When inventing, the following four core tenets are strictly adhered to:

  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Make a difference in peoples’ lives
  • Dare to be different
  • Take calculated risk

Our approach to intellectual property creation delivers high-performance innovation that supports market leading brands in today’s dynamic marketplace. What sets Effekt apart is an exceptional combination of technical expertise, process excellence, and track record of disruptive innovation.



How we get it done



Highly-skilled professionals identify and solve problems across a wide range of disciplines


Proven metrics: Advanced processes and tools to support achieving the most rapid time to market


Credibility earned from a heritage of over a decade in developing disruptive intellectual property


How can we help you remain competitive?

“It’s simple. We shape the market before it shapes you.”

Rob Falken / Founder, Effekt LLC


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